One of the top priorities of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works activity – is raising of energy efficiency and rational use of resources. Steel Works power management system passed the International Standard ISO 50001 certification, that allows to achieve substantial saving of power resources on the account of use of better management practice and without significant investments. Power management system allows to reduce the prime cost and energy intensity of product, cost of energy carriers, improves the wastes treatment and secures the fulfillment of requirements on decreasing the greenhouse gases emissions. Among the key energy saving projects, which had been successfully implemented by “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works, - is the commissioning of pulverized coal injection plant, which allowed the Steel

Works to refuse completely from the use of natural gas in blast furnace production. On the whole, it produced a substantial effect for the Steel Works. So, the consumption of natural gas in the year 2012 was 332 million m3, in the year 2013 was 236 million m3.

Planned long term transition from open hearth furnace steel production to converter steel production would have even more substantial energy saving effect.

Great attention is also paid at the Steel Works to the rational use of electric power and other types of energy resources.

Energy saving measures, put into practice in different structural subdivisions of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works on a constant basis, allowed in the 1 quarter of 2014, in comparison with the same period of 2013, to decrease the natural gas consumption by 18%, against the background of increasing of production volumes by 5%.

Also, considerable attention is paid by the Steel Works to rational use of electric power and other types of energy resources.

Energy saving measures planned for the year 2014:

• Coke oven gas supply to blast furnaces hot blast stoves;

• Coke oven gas supply to ignition furnaces of sintering machines;

• Introduction of automatic system of commercial accounting of energy resources;

• Construction of CPL-4 (continuous pickling line) with hydrochloric acid regeneration plant.

At “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works personnel is actively involved in solving the issues of energy saving. For example, special contest is arranged at the Steel Works. The authors of realized projects with confirmed economic effect are awarded with prizes. In 2013 more than 80 proposals had been submitted at “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works, which do not need expenses, and directed to decreasing of fuel and energy resources consumption, and also six investments projects.