COMPETITION «We are the City»

«We are the City» - competition for the best social projects, which “Zaporizhstal” Iron and Steel Works realizes within the limits of social initiatives of Metinvest. The project is directed on increasing of social activity of the population and support of the current interest initiatives directed on improvement of quality of life.


1. Zaporozhye City Children’s Botanical Garden

“Children’s Corner of Fabulous Nature”

2. “Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children “Detskij Radonezh”

“The Right to be Equal”

3. Zaporozhye Regional Youth Organization “Buduj Zhyttya” (“Create Life”)

“Installation of a playground and organization of a festival “Kaleidoscope of Desires” for children”

4. Zaporozhye Regional Office of All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization “Obschestvennyj kontrol” (“Public Control”)

“Reconstruction of the Landscape and Architectural Complex of Khortitsa Stairway”

5. Initiative Group “Braille Group”

Children’s magazine for blind children “Tsybulka” (“Little Onion”)

6. Zaporozhye Regional Non-Governmental Organization “Dyvosvit” (“Wonderworld”)

“Start-up for Micro-Businesses in Rural Tourism”

7. Children’s and Youth School of Cossack Martial Arts “Spas”

“Cossack Forge”

8. Art Studio “Dyvosvit” (“Wonderworld”)

“Housefront as an Artist’s Canvas”

9. Non-Governmental Organization “Vesyoloe-2007”

“An Outdoor Gym”

10. Zaporozhye Regional Organization of “Red Cross Society”

“First Aid for Everyone”

11. Non-Governmental Organization “Skala” (“The Rock”)

“Healthy Future is Simple”

12. Educational Complex “Osnova” (“Foundation”)

“We Choose Health and Sport”

13. Charity Foundation “Schastlivyj rebyonok” (“Happy Child”)

Expedition “Amazing Khortitsa”

14. Zaporozhye Regional Charity Foundation “Natkhnennya” (“Inspiration”)

“Battle Glory of Zaporozhye”

15. Zaporozhye Regional Charity Foundation “Ulybka rebyonka” (“Smile of a Child”)

“Workshop of Good”

16. Zaporozhye Regional Charity Foundation “Svitlozir” (“Clear Sight”)

“Preserve Your Eyesight for Reading Books and Using Computer!”

17. Zaporozhye City Organization of Veterans of Ukraine.

“Medical Devices and Apparatuses for Veterans of War and War Children”