During visit to “Zaporizhstal” on May, 16th, 2013 R. L. Ahmetov got acquainted with operation of the enterprise, has visited Cold Rolling Shop # 1 and construction of new pickling line and has given the short comment:

Correspondent: We, together with you have actually seen the beginning of powerful and very expensive modernisation of this enterprise. What final result can you see?

Rinat Ahmetov: “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works is an industrial complex with long-standing traditions. Moreover, we have come with the big ambitions. For today, there is crisis in the world steel market. And it is essential for us to make huge investments into building of the plant of which we will be proud. We more than once spoke on this matter — it is necessary for us to invest huge funds into mining -metallurgical complex. And we are prepared to it. If we do huge investments, it means that we will build the strong enterprise. The enterprise, labour collective, region, and the country will win thereon. If we not do it, then it means that all of us will lose. But I am convinced that it is necessary for us to do it. And all this is foreseen in our strategy of development. Our group «Меtinvest» will do huge investments, and will modernise the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine. The mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine comprises 40 % of currency earnings of Ukraine. This is our present and the future. Without it, we will get nowhere.

Correspondent: Tell, how you estimate the work of new management of the Works?

Rinat Ahmetov: You know, I am sure as very good. However, it seems to me that it is necessary to ask people. The principal estimation will be given by the labour collective.

But in respect of how shareholders estimate the work of new management, I would like to tell you that the previous year we have finished with a minus. And when we have finished with a minus, and it is necessary to invest huge funds into modernisation, — you know, there is no big motivation at shareholders. At present key figures are better, much better, and for us it is huge motivation to make that of what we will be proud. I am convinced that if we build new oxygen-converter plant it will be one of the best industrial complexes in the Eastern Europe. And all of us will be proud of it.

I am sure that clear air will be in Zaporozhye, a strong economy will be present here, people will get worthful work, the fair salary and decent life.