Coronavirus in Ukraine: What are the Unique Ventilation Devices from the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation

High-quality Swedish-made ventilation apparatuses (ventilators) SERVO-I UNIVERSAL and SERVO AIR, which the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation donated to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, are among the most modern in the world. This was told by anesthetist Alena Khomenko, a representative of the manufacturer Maquet in Ukraine.

According to her, such ventilators are more relevant than ever in our country and abroad. Their manufacturer is one of the five most famous companies in the world in this industry.

“This is certainly high quality equipment. If we talk about dangerous infections in general, these ventilators have a number of additional advantages. They are very easy to disinfect, there are also two spare parts for the patient’s exhalation channel. This allows one device to be used very quickly to assist the next patient. And do not spend a day or more on disinfection, ”explained Alena Khomenko.

She also noted that ventilators of this type have the full potential for respiratory support of the patient, from non-invasive to invasive. Therefore, it is possible to provide assistance to patients weighing from 2 kg, that is, children, and adults – up to 250 kg.

“These devices have a normal and intelligent ventilation mode. The latter tells doctors how to provide the highest quality assistance. Moreover, a patient with such equipment is much more comfortable breathing: the device adapts to it, ”said a representative of the Swedish manufacturer.

The foundation was the first in the country to respond to the danger of the spread of coronavirus. By Rinat Akhmetov’s personal decision, equipment for the effective treatment of complications in patients with coronavirus, as well as protective equipment for doctors, was purchased for Ukrainian doctors as soon as possible. The list of basic medical needs of the country was developed in coordination with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In particular, the Fund has already handed over two batches of high-quality Swedish-made ventilation devices to state healthcare institutions. They also provided an insulating mobile box, a protective biological and anti-chemical suit, 400 protective disposable overalls, 10 thousand protective masks, non-contact thermometers, multi-layer respirators, glasses.

The fund buys for the Donetsk region an analyzer of rapid tests for coronavirus complete with test cartridges for it. The analyzer will be delivered to the Mariupol hospital. It will allow in laboratory conditions to conduct rapid testing (the most effective way to detect a disease) and significantly accelerate the diagnosis of coronavirus. In addition, the Fund will purchase 20,000 rapid tests for infection in the country.

Another 22 ventilators were installed in neonatal ambulances transferred by the Foundation to all regions of the country under the project “200 ambulances for Ukraine”.

In addition, on March 19, it became known that Rinat Akhmetov was sending 300 million hryvnias to fight COVID-19. To do this, he combined all the resources – the Charity Fund, FC Shakhtar, DTEK, Metinvest and other SCM assets to help Ukraine.

By the personal decision of the Founder, the Foundation will purchase another 300 thousand rapid tests for coronavirus for the whole country. In the shortest possible time they will be transferred to the Stabilization Fund, initiated by the President of Ukraine. In addition, at least 200 ventilation devices needed to save people’s lives and other equipment will be additionally purchased.