Doctors from Kryvyi Rih Received Expert Class Lung Ventilators from Rinat Akhmetov Foundation

On December 8, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and Metinvest handed over two lung ventilation devices made in France to the Kryvyi Rih City Hospital No. 7. The presentation took place as part of the “Fighting COVID-19 in Ukraine” project, which became part of “Rinat Akhmetov – Saving Lives” program.

– Rinat Akhmetov was the first to come to the aid of the country and allocated UAH 300 million to fight the coronavirus infection. State hospitals began to receive the necessary equipment from Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and businesses of the SCM group back in February. More than 200 thousand units of personal protective equipment and consumables, 337 thousand express tests were handed over to doctors. More than a thousand units of medical and laboratory equipment, including more than 190 lung ventilators, have been delivered to regional reference hospitals. They are already saving lives in medical institutions of 22 regions, – said Natalya Yemchenko, a member of the Supervisory Board of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation.

Metinvest representative Dmitry Murashko expressed confidence that the fight against coronavirus infection requires combining efforts of society, business and government.

– Selective support is unable to contain the spread of COVID-19. Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, together with Metinvest, in close cooperation with the headquarters for countering coronavirus, continuously support Kryvyi Rih. And among such assistance is the provision of hospitals with the necessary equipment, which has become scarce throughout the world,” – said Dmitry Murashko.

Andrey Skachkov, General Director of the Northern Mining and Processing Plant of Metinvest, recalled that Hospital No. 7 in Kryvyi Rih had previously received four lung ventilators from Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and SCM businesses.

– Today we are handing over two more units so that doctors can save as many human lives as possible. I want to wish all of us health, – said Andrey Skachkov.

The medical director of the city hospital No. 7 Leonid Ganoshenko said that the medical institution has already cured almost 400 patients with coronavirus and about 700 patients with pneumonia.

– This would have been impossible without modern equipment. The devices that we receive from Rinat Akhmetov Foundation today and that we received earlier help save lives. These are modern expert-class devices with an intelligent mode. They minimize the influence of the human factor, allow you to evaluate the patient’s parameters and independently regulate the oxygen supply. Special thanks for the online trainings organized by the Foundation, – said Leonid Ganoshenko.

Together with the lung ventilator, the doctors of the intensive care unit received sets of medical uniforms sewn for them according to individual sizes on the special order of the Foundation.