Reliably, Accurately and Rapidly

The first project of implementation of the automated monitoring system for gas analyzing equipment INet has been completed at the Steel Works

A personal gas analyzer is a permanent satellite for more than a thousand Zaporizhstal employees involved in gas-hazardous areas work. The device from world leaders in the field of gas protective equipment will always notify its owner with vibration, sound and light signals if the permissible concentration of gases is exceeded. Personal gas analyzer continuously measures the level of gases and the amount of oxygen in the air of the working area in an automation mode, so that the uninterrupted operation of this equipment is not only important but also vital.

8 monitoring stations are installed in the combined heat and power plant and in the gas shop

Accurate diagnosis

In order to perform diagnose, calibration and testing of personal gas analyzers quickly and without undue efforts, an automated monitoring system for gas analyzing equipment INet is being implemented at the Steel Works. The first project is completed in the gas shop and combined heat and power plant. Three monitoring stations are in operation in the CHP control room, three more – in the gas shop control room; one is in the gas booster station and one – in the shielding gas station. Modern software allows controlling the operation of the gas analyzing equipment and its technical condition, including the possibility of maintaining the relevant documentation for repair or replacement of gas analyzing equipment. Another advantage of the new monitoring system is the analysis of the data obtained. The program reads the data from the devices, and if the gas analyzer is activated, it will be displayed. A program analysis of the received data will allow to identify problem areas and take measures timely.

The Steel Works transferred UAH 2 million to implement the first project of INet system installation.

System testing

Due to the simplicity of using the automated monitoring system, it became possible to check equipment consistently. Now every employee using a personal gas analyzer can be sure of the performance capability of his device, because it is tested after every working shift. Whereas before, testing and calibration of gas analyzers was carried out once a year.

To implement the automated monitoring system for gas analytical equipment INet, the Steel Works transferred about UAH 2 million. The second project will be the installation of INet system in the blooming shop and sinter plant.