In search of Treasures: a Summer Camp of Archeology was Opened on the Khortitsa Island

Due to the victory in the seventh season of the competition “We Are the City”, children from all over Ukraine will be able to learn the secrets of archeology and participate in excavations.

The tents are are put up, the shovels are ready: work is in full swing in the Generalka hollow on the Khortitsa island. In early August, the project “Archeology for Dummies” was launched, in which, together with experienced specialists, teenagers from Zaporizhzhia, Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv explore a huge monument of archeology – Generalka’s hollow. They are digging slowly and carefully so as not to damage possible incredible discoveries.

This place has been explored by the “New Archaeological School” since 2000. This year, despite the fact that the camp is designed for 25 people, it was able to accommodate 40 people.

Oleg Tuboltsev, head of the public organization “New Archaeological School:“ A project called “Archeology for Dummies”, which was supported by “We are the City”, aims to provide people with normal conditions: good tents, good sleeping bags, normal equipment . And if we do this together, then our camp will be in good condition and Zaporizhzhia may be the center of archaeological tourism”.