Metallurgists and power engineers have become blood donors

Each year, on the day of the founding of the Youth Organization of the Works, another cycle of the “Let me introduce myself” program takes place. As part of this program, the youth of Zaporizhstal Steel Works invites representatives of youth organizations from other Ukrainian enterprises to visit them.

This time, the guests were representatives of the youth organization from energy holding DTEK.

Together, members of two youth organizations held a charity event to donate blood. 15 young workers from Zaporizhstal and DTEK holding became donors.

One of the participants shared his impressions of the action on his Facebook page – a member of the Youth Organization of the Works Alexander Butkevich:

My colleagues and I filled the blood bank, and now it can save more than one life. I left the building of the perinatal center in a delightful mood, because I knew that my act would bring joy to someone’s family. After I talked with the medical personnel of the transfusion station, I want to pay attention to a problem that has been acute in our country for several years. Namely, a large shortage of donors. Friends, don’t be indifferent, we all can save someone’s life!