With the assistance of Zaporizhstal Steel Works large-scale all-Ukrainian entertainment festival “Kozatski Rozvagi” was held

Approximately 600 participants from all over the Zaporozhye region came to participate in the sports competitions. The sports feast was a family holiday. Children competed in martial arts, and their parents took part in various sports competitions.

In total 108 families were registered to participate in the contest “Dad, Mom and I is a Sports Family”. To participate in the game “Tails”, 450 applications were received. PJSC “Zaporizhstal”, which regularly supports the development of sports, helped to bring the competition to a high level. The management of the Works provided a place for the game, and also took organizational function and supported the competitions financially by allocating 18 thousand UAH.

– Our future is our children: healthy, strong and happy. To support these competitions is a very great honor, because Zaporizhstal has become a sponsor, – said the youth mayor, the head of the youth organization of PJSC “Zaporizhstal” Sergey Ilchenko. – It is a positive moment that these competitions are with the Ukrainian soul, with the Ukrainian heart. It is very pleasant that today in this hall there are more than 500 children who will continue the glorious Cossack traditions.

During the grand opening the participants of the competition were greeted with huge dragons as a the symbol of oriental martial arts as well as pupils of the All-Ukrainian Federation “Spas”, who demonstrated their mastery in martial arts, and pupils from Zaporozhye Children’s Music School №6.

Before start the competition for the championship, the young athlete had to warm-up. The master class was held by the Olympic champion, world champion, honored master of sport USSR Olga Strazheva.

After the warm-up, participants of the All-Ukrainian entertainment festival “Kozatski Rozvagi” rushed into the fight and of course all young athletes were only determined to win. As expected, the winners received certificates and medals. Everyone was satisfied with the competition.