Pupils from dormitory districts of the city will be taught programming by using robots

The project “Mobile University” has started in Zaporizhzhia, thanks to which more than 600 students of Zaporizhzhia schools will get acquainted with modern engineering professions

The authors of the project – the public organization “Ecosens” won a grant in the competition “We are the city” – 85 thousand UAH. With this money, we bought laptops and designer robots for master classes. They note that schools that have outdated computer equipment are specially chosen in order to introduce IT technologies and those children who do not have such an opportunity.

Natalia Mironova, Associate Professor, Department of Software, Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic:

“Mobile University” is an on-site workshop that we hold to promote IT to students, to tell children about their professions related to IT. I did a workshop with Python. Kids already know a little about the Pascal programming language that is given in schools. And now I have shown that there is a Python programming language, it can be learned. In the course of the workshop, I have already seen several students who are given easy programming. I think that through talent, hard work and experience, they can learn the basics of programming. If a child shows good results, he or she can be noticed in the competitions and competitions by leading IT companies and receive a job in the future. ”

Tatyana Zhavzharova, the head of the Ecosens public organization, noted that purchased equipment would be used not only for the Mobile University project. Students of Zaporizhzhia National University and those students who will participate in regional Olympiads and programming competitions can also use it freely.