The employees of the “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works within the framework of volunteering action «The clean city» put in order park territory and territory close to tram ways along the Uzhnoye Shosse street. They have cleared green zones from dust and a dead wood, have painted benches, turn gates, lifting gate and other elements.

75 employees of “Zaporozhogneupor” also have taken part in volunteering action «The clean city». On Saturday, April 25th, representatives of all shops and divisions of the enterprise have put in order about 1000 square metres of Teplichnaya street (Zavodskoy district of city Zaporozhye).

Volunteers have planted 40 trees, 15 bushes in territory of Zaporozhye educational-rehabilitation centre-boarding school “Oberig”. All small architectural forms and sports equip-ment, children’s playground are put in order, more than thousand running metres of road kerbs and more than 80 trees are whitewashed. Employees of the Coke Oven Plant have dug up territory of around 200 m². More than 120 citizens of Zaporozhye, including both volunteers of Metinvest and company DTEK have taken part in action «The clean city».