“Zaporizhstal” arranged for Vitaliy Antonivych Sats’ky XXI sailing race

XXI sailing race named after former director of “Zaporizhstal”, Vitaliy Antonovych Sats’ky, took place in Zaporizhzhia on July, 10-11th. The competition was traditionally organized by “Zaporizhstal”.

“We adjust our yacht and eliminate defects before each race. Our team has recently got back from “Cossack Way” race held in Kherson. We raced and checked the yacht in rough conditions. It held up well and everything seems to be fine. We are going to change for Vitaliy Sats’ky race right away. We shall try to make the most of the yacht”, Oleksander Horemykin, the captain of “The White Pearl” yacht said.

About 50 yachts took part in the competition and were sailed by around 200 participants from Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Nikopol, Enerhodar and other cities. In two days the sportsmen participated in nine different race classes ranging from the easiest ones, dinghies, to heavy yachts with displacement of over a tonne.

“Seizing an opportunity, I would also like to wish everyone a happy Ukrainian Steel Worker’s and Miner’s Day, on the eve of which we hold this race annually. I invite everybody to the celebration which is going to take place in “Slavutich-Arena” and at “Raduga” (“Rainbow”) fountain cascade”, Nikolay Petryakov, acting chief engineer of PJSC “Zaporizhstal” pointed out