Zaporizhzhia schoolchildren and students are invited to the Mobile school of young patriots

Not ordinary classes, but interactive trainings and quests – in such way will instill a sense of patriotism among young people in the framework of the Mobile School of Young Patriots “I Think Like That” project in Zaporizhzhia city.

Modern youth deserves modern lessons on patriotic education. Media literacy quests, fencing master classes from the “Spas” organization, meetings with talented athletes such as Paralympics, volunteers, a film director, thematic brain rings, staging of patriotic fairy tales and many other interesting activities await Zaporizhzhia schoolchildren and students. All this – Mobile school of young patriots “I Think Like That”. The project was launched thanks to the victory in the competition “We are the city”.

Patriotism begins with respect for others, with caring for loved ones and love for the hometown: these thoughts the authors of the project, the leadership of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Library want to share with young people. In partnership with four colleges and two secondary schools, they will hold about twenty interactive events.

Victoria Pisanets, acting Director of the Regional library for youth:

“We want to show what role the state plays in our lives. Topics about tolerance and communication between people in society will be covered, it means that we pay attention to different topics, not just history and traditions”