Zaporizhzhia teachers know how to deal with bullying

The project “Stop – bullying in Zaporizhzhia schools” is a series of trainings for teacher with the concept of bullying and methods of dealing with it. The project was implemented with the support of competition “We are the city”.

Almost 70% of Ukrainian schoolchildren experience bullying (data from the UN Children’s Fund). At the same time, only 4% share difficulties with adults. How to stop, or better, prevent a problem: 60 teachers, head teachers and school psychologists taught this as part of the project “Stop – Bullying in Zaporizhzhia schools”.

Elena Kudasheva, author of the project:

Bullying is one of the most serious social problems in the modern world. We, as a charitable organization, could not stand aside. Our task is the prevention of violence among children and the establishment of healthy relationships in the team. The competition of social initiatives “We are the city” helped to implement these plans”

Most of the classes are not lectures, but practical exercises. Participants, using specific situations as examples, look for ways to solve the problem, and psychologists learn to provide assistance to victims of school violence.

Irina Grabovskaya, psychologist, participant of the training:

Now in Zaporizhzhia, there is a serious fight against bullying and conducting such informative trainings with modern techniques is a big step forward for psychologists. I have a big experience in working with children and I noticed that very often they like to play “war”. Some of them are strong and confident leaders, while others are victims. A school psychologist is the person who helps end this “war”. At the trainings, they showed us many ways to resolve conflicts. We realized that each child needs to find an individual approach and work not only with the initiators of bullying, but also with its victims and witnesses.

The project coordinators are sure that they will be able to “grow” real professionals to fight with school violence. At the end of the training, the authors of the project want to organize special training for children and in the future – to prevent bullying among young people in all schools of the city.