How “Zaporizhstal” Is Fighting Pandemic

In Ukraine, quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic was enforced on March 12. “Zaporizhstal” Works joined the fight against the pandemic as quickly as possible. The operational headquarters for fighting coronavirus was created at the enterprise, based on the recommendations of the WHO and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which has developed and implemented a number of effective measures that have made it possible to protect the personnel from the outbreak of a pandemic and reduce the threat to Zaporizhstal’ workers.

“The crisis in metallurgy is significantly exacerbated by the pandemic. At this time, we should focus our efforts on preserving the personnel and our jobs, our Works. Speaking of joint efforts, I am talking not only about measures developed by the management of the Works, but also about their strict observance by all employees of the enterprise, without any exception. Now it is more important than ever to show how we are able to work in team, both in solving production problems and in fighting the pandemic,” said Alexander Mironenko, Director General of “Zaporizhstal” PJSC.

Among the measures aimed to reduce the risk of Covid-19 morbidity, we can highlight one of the main, which is to provide employees of the works with protective equipment. Safety masks, gloves, hand disinfectants etc., the works acquired from the first days of the quarantine and provided employees, despite the frenzy demand for these safety goods in the markets. During the quarantine period, the enterprise acquired more than 850 thousand masks and pairs of gloves, as well as more than 8 thousand liters of hand disinfectants.

Particular attention paid to temperature screening at the Works. A multi-level temperature control system for employees has been built: at the first stage, all employees go to the enterprise through the main entrance control post equipped with video cameras with built-in thermal imagers. Before the start of the Works shift, mandatory temperature control is also carried out. In addition, during the working day, mobile groups ply at the enterprise, which measure the workers’ temperature with the help of specially purchased non-contact thermometers.

In the fight against the pandemic, the Works also decided to purchase and equip health centers, main entrance control posts and canteens of the enterprise with recirculators, which ensure continuous disinfection of indoor air.

The Works has already sent more than 14 million UAH to the fight against coronavirus.

Among the additional measures to fight coronavirus, the frequency of cleaning household premises, cabinets, dining rooms and sideboards with the use of disinfectants has been significantly increased.

The enterprise has significantly expanded the logistics of passenger transportation: daily more than 60 buses provide more than 230 flights, conveyance more than 2,000 employees to the Works and back home. At the time of the transport limitation from the regional center to the district, corporate routes were introduced to deliver employees from the suburbs to work and back. The daily mileage of corporate buses exceeds 4,500 km.

An additional twice a day, all vehicles undergo disinfection, as well as, corporate bus stations on the territory of the enterprise.