At «Zaporizhstal» II&SW, the Metinvest Group’s programme is in force, directed to realization of the energy-saving projects and application of the modern power-saving technologies. Implementation of one of such technologies – Pulverized Coal Injection Plant (PCI) in the Blast Furnace practice – allowed for «Zaporizhstal» II&SW to save about UAH 2.9 billion and over 650 million of m3 of natural gas during incomplete two years.

After commissioning of PCI process – since October, 2011 – injection of natural gas into Blast Furnaces was completely stopped. In a whole, only in 2011, natural gas saving made up 164 million of m3, in 2012 – 2915 million of and for 8 months of 2013 – 196.1 million of m3.

«Time proves the effectiveness of implementation of the state of art projects. We see that energy-saving technology of PCI at «Zaporizhstal» II&SW was implemented successfully: the Works saves UAH 100-125 million. Besides, applying PCI, from October, 2011, the Works achieved over 650 million m3 saving of natural gas– this is over 24 million m3 per month», – the CEO of «Zaporizhstal» II&SW Rostislav Shurma marked.

«Zaporizhstal» II&SW became one of the first Steel Works which used the practice of pulverized coal injection. During a period of July-August, 2013, the specialists – Blast Furnace Operators from Novolipetsk Integrated Steel Works (Russian Federation), colleagues from Yenakiyevo Steel Works underwent training at the Works, they studied operation of PCI Plant.

Let us remind you that the full investments volume put into realization of PCI project made up about UAH 1 billion including UAH 350 millions for CBS (coal bulk storage). Realization of this project started at «Zaporizhstal» II&SW in the first quarter of 2008 and in October, 2011, the storage was commissioned and put into operation.

Close-out of the project on PCI Complex brought for the Works a considerable energy-saving effect – refusal from consumption of natural gas in Blast Furnace practice. Besides, «Zaporizhstal» II&SW reduced consumption of metallurgical coke from 495 to 376 kg per 1 ton iron smelting, which allowed to reduce cost value of iron smelting for USD 50 per ton, or for 15%.