On the 4th of April, 2014, with the financial help of Zaporizhstal Steel Works the first stage of public ecological programme “Let’s Save the Dnieper Together!” have started, during which there will be installed 20 nests for birds in the territory of Hortitsa Island’s Preservation and 1200 spawning redds for the fish.

Zaporizhstal Steel Works supports public ecological programme “Let’s Save the Dnieper Together!” three years in a row. In 2014, within the programme, 10 nests on floating platforms for birds and 10 nests on floating platforms for garrots (5 in Hortitsa’s plaves and 5 in Rozumovka’s plaves) will be installed for the first time.

Besides, for the purpose of the Dnieper’s basin improvement, public organizations – participants have made 1200 spawning redds which will be installed along the territory of Dnieper Reservoir and in the territory of Hortitsa Preservation Park. The artificial spawnings will be served by public organizations of the city during one month after their installation before juvenile fishes will be born.

Ecological programme will take place with the help and participation of Zaporizhzhya Youth Community of Birds Research and Preservation, Zaporizhzhya City Community of Hunters and Fishermen, Zaporozhyerybohrana. Let us remind that public ecological programme “

Let’s Save the Dnieper Together!” started in 2012, was led by active population, representatives of all Ukrainian districts, who were ready to make their contribution in improvement of the environment. Yearly, within the programme, citizens and public organizations’ participants clean up the trash from the Dnieper’s course and its waterside. Within the programme, fish planting, installation of artificial spawnings and planting trees on Hortitsa Island are taking place.