On May 28, 2014 General director of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works Rostyslav Shurma had a meeting with directors of 17 general education institutions of the city with purpose of summarizing the results of cooperation under the program “School-higher education institution-steel works” and on the occasion of completion of academic year.

In the course of the meeting Rostyslav Shurma congratulated the educational institutions with the holiday of “Farewell Bell” and handed in the certificates for up-to-date semi-surface academic boards for conducting of high quality process of schoolchildren education. Total amount of funds, allocated for purchasing of presents for education institutions, came to 53 thousand UAH. Also, at the meeting, 10 exemplary pupils-secondary school leavers, the parents of which are working at Steel Works, were awarded with valuable gifts (tablet PC).

General director of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works summarized the results of cooperation with educational institutions of the city for the previous year: “We have close cooperation with education institutions of the city – we help schoolchildren to select the future profession, students – provide the opportunity to strengthen the theory by practice at the workplace”

This program is in effect from November 2012 and provides for conducting of occupational guidance for schoolchildren and students. Thus, in 2013 more than 260 people took part in occupational guidance actions (Doors Open Day in Zaporozhye state academy of engineering, excursion to the Steel Works). For the first time ever, laboratory works were performed for the metallurgical department students of Zaporozhye state academy of engineering (62 students) in the main shops of the Steel Works under the guidance of experienced employees of JSC ”Zaporozhstal”. Best students of the 3rd course of metallurgical department of Zaporozhye state academy of engineering, had the opportunity to get their first working profession during practical training at Steel Works.

Steel Works render assistance to education institutions of Zaporozhye on a constant basis. Amount of investments in 2013-2014 academic year was in the order of 1 million UAH (purchasing of screen projection units, mobile screens, MFD (multifunctional device), equipment of computer classrooms, rendering of material aid to affiliated education institutions).

Also, with the purpose of motivation of Zaporozhye metallurgical college students and Zaporozhye state academy of engineering students for receiving of high quality education in the metallurgy field, JSC ”Zaporozhstal” pays personalized scholarship to 10 best students at the amount of 500 UAH.