On May 29, 2014 Austrian delegation, consisting of Extraodinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Austria in Ukraine Volf Dietrich Heim, and also representatives of Siemens VAI (Аustria), visited “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works where they had been familiarized with the progress of implementation of ecological project of construction of continuous hydrochloric acid pickling line (CPL-4) in the cold rolling mill shop № 1 (CRM-1).

In the course of the visit General director of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works Rostyslav Shurma discussed with Ambassador of Austria in Ukraine Volf Dietrich Heim, and also with representatives of Siemens VAI company, which delivered the equipment for CPL-4, the results of the project implementation of CPL-4, and prospective lines of development of potential cooperation – project on construction of oxygen-converter plant.

“Zaporozhstal” is actively implementing the ecological projects for decreasing of man-caused impact on environmental conditions. Construction of new pickling line – is the investments into improvement of ecology of our region. Also, this project is the best successful example of cooperation with Austrian partners – we fulfilled all undertaken obligations on credit repayment, which was granted for the construction of new pickling line”, pointed out Rostyslav Shurma, General director of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works.

On October 30 2012, “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works repayed the credit at the amount of 33,2 million EUR, allotted by Citibank International plc (London), with credit cover by Austrian Control Bank (OeKB). The purchasing of Siemens VAI (Аustria) equipment for installation of hydrochloric acid pickling line (CPL-4) in the cold rolling mill shop № 1 was the purpose of receiving of this credit. Investments to the project were in the order of 730 million of UAH.

In the course of the meeting with Austrian Ambassador, Rostyslav Shurma pointed out, that “Zaporozhstal” considers the Siemens VAI company, as the key supplier of equipment, and OeKB (Austrian Control Bank), as the key financial partner in the oxygen-converter plant construction project at the Steel Works, in replacement of old-fashioned open hearth steelmaking.

Ambassador of Austria in Ukraine Volf Heim, highly appreciated “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works.

“I am very glad, that I visited such achievement-oriented Works, which tend to improvement of its own effectiveness, development of industrial capacities, fulfillment of undertaken obligations. “Zaporozhstal” – is the successful example of powerful competitiveness”, said Volf Heim.

Representative of Siemens VAI Robert Reisetbauer pointed out the importance of future cooperation with Steel Works: “For us, “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works is the reliable partner, who showed high level of keeping on track the strategically important projects. Namely, financing from Austria helps us jointly with Ukrainian partners to implement them. We hope for continuation of cooperation and would be glad to participate in implementation of really very big and important project-construction of oxygen-converter plant.”