During the first half of the 2013 Integrated Iron and Steel Works “Zaporizhstal” reduced energy consumption of manufactured steel product for 6,4 %, the index of energy consumption is 21,8 gigajoule/ton against 23,3 gigajoule/ton during the same period 2012.

There is the program of the Metinvest Group at the steel plant “Zaporizhstal” which is oriented on realization energy -efficient process and implementation of total control raw material consumption and energy resources across all levels of manufacture. Improvement of index on energy consumption of manufactured steel product in the first half of the 2013, is related with the implementation set of measures on detection of energy losses and development — reduction loses of cold air blast, while its transportation from heat and power plant to the blast furnace plant; heating mode optimization across the zones of holding furnaces; energy saving by means of setting the optimum mode of the rolling shops equipment.

«Energy efficiency incensement and rational use of energy resources are among the priority tasks of “Zaporizhstal”. Our steel plant realizes massive investment programs, which are directed to incense energy efficiency of the production. As a result, in June 2013, consumption of natural gas in steelmaking was reduced — 29 m3 per ton of founded steel, in comparison with June 2012, it was 43,39 m3 per ton,» — stated the General Director of the Integrated Iron and Steel Works “Zaporizhstal” Rostislav Shurma.

A special competition was held amongst the workers of the plant, intended to increase the involvement of personnel into improvement of energy efficiency of the enterprise operation. During the competition in the second quarter 2013, the employees offered 9 suggestions on energy efficiency, which benefits for the plant about 2 mln. grn. per month. Following the results of the second quarter, the winners of the competition got the testimonials; bonus reserve is about 30 thousand grn.