Due to crises phenomena in the world economy and drop of prices for metal products, «Zaporizhstal» PJSC, in 2015, concentrated its efforts upon the energy saving and increase of energy efficiency of production process by means of realization of the integrated programme for modernizing the available facilities. From the beginning of 2015, the economic effect of those already implemented measures made up about UAH 195 million.

In 2015, the following great energy saving projects have been realized at the Works: optimization of the roof burners operation in the Open Hearth Furnace Shop (saving for over UAH 113 million), installation of steam operated water preheaters in the Thermal Power Station (replacing natural gas consumption for preheating of water in cold season gave the economic effect at the level of UAH 9.85 million), and rerouting of turbo-driven air compressors with higher efficiency in the Oxygen-Compressor Shop (economic effect makes up about UAH 8.4 million). A number of other energy saving measures had been also introduced at the Works.

Besides, an automated system of energy resources fiscal measurement is applied at the Works. It is designed for automation of the determination procedure of the transferred and consumed Fuel and Power Resources (FPR) volume and of the preparation the consumption reports in the energy supply system at «Zaporizhstal». The obtained data allow reducing the error substantially when making prompt consumption balance, to respond on-line to the deviations, to exclude any overconsumption and FPR losses.

It is worth noting that many employees of «Zaporizhstal» submit their ideas concerning energy saving and efficient utilization of Fuel and Power Resources, within a specialized contest, held at the enterprise. During three years, the employees of the Works submitted 52 propositions, the general economic effect of which exceeded USD 16 million.

«Energy saving is one of the key principles, which is to be followed, in order to maintain the enterprise in the conditions of severe economic crisis, – the Chief Executive Officer of «Zaporizhstal» PJSC Rostyslav Shurma noted. – Nowadays, as never before, it is necessary to reasonably utilize the Fuel and Power Resources, but in such a way that the production process would not be affected. By reducing energy intensity, we reduce the production cost and increase marketability of our products, which is the most important thing for surviving of the Works in the critical period».