PJSC “Zaporizhstal” within the limits of realisation of ecological project for upgrading of purification facilities at sintering plant has started linking-up of gas purification equipment at the sintering machine No. 5. The sintering machine was stopped on May 15th. Works on linking-up are planned to complete within 45 days.

Reconstruction and installation of purification systems at sinter producing units of the Steel Works is carried out according to the program of technological upgrading of the Steel Works and the Trilateral Agreement between the Ministry of ecology of Ukraine, the Zaporozhye regional council and PJSC «Zaporizhstal».

The “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works installs purification equipment on sintering machines according to schedule. We find financial resources for ecological upgrading even today, in extremely hard time. We continue to follow our priorities, and all earned money we invest in upgrading», – has noted Rostislav Shurma CEO of PJSC “Zaporizhstal”.

Let us remind that PJSC “Zaporizhstal” continuously realises reconstruction and upgrading of the production equipment for the purpose of decreasing the emissions of polluting substances into atmosphere. Investments of the Steel Works into erection of new gas purification systems at sintering machines No. 3-6 compose around 630 million UAH. For the period from 2013, gas purification equipment is assembled at the sintering machine No. 1 and sintering machine No. 2. New gas purifications on sintering machines No. 3 and No.4, at the moment operate in a mode of test production.

New gas purification equipment will ensure at the sintering machine No. 5 cleaning of air from dust up to 20 mg/Nm3, as for sulphur dioxide content less than 400 mg/Nm3, that will correspond to the European normative standards of emissions, and also will allow stage by stage to reduce discharge of sludge waters from water recycling system of the Sintering plant.

Gas purification is an integral part of the main equipment of the sintering machine and it is not possible to switch it off without complete stoppage of the sinter production.