PJSC “ZAPORIZHSTAL” of METINVEST Group donates 500 sets of protective gear to units of National Guard of Ukraine


PJSC “ZAPORIZHSTAL” of Rinat Akhmetov and Vadym Novynskyi’s METINVEST Group donated 500 sets of bulletproof vests and bulletproof helmets to the military of National Guard of Ukraine. The modern mili-tary equipment will protect the life of the military at the frontline and help perform tactic missions more effectively.

On May 27, the military of the National Guard of Ukraine, who participate in the military operations in Za-porizhzhya Region and guard public order in the city, received 500 sets of protective gear from METINVEST Group. These are level 4 bulletproof vests equipped with bulletproof plates produced by Metinvest and level 3 Kevlar helmets.

“Each of us puts maximum efforts into confronting the military aggression deployed against Ukraine. METINVEST Group of Rinat Akhmetov has supported the military with protective gear that helps save the lives of the Ukrainian soldiers since the war broke out. And we will continue supporting them till our joint victory,” said the General Di-rector of PJSC “Zaporizhstal” and Head of the Metinvest Humanitarian Mission Coordination Centre in Zaporizhzhia Oleksand Myronenko.

It is worth mentioning that Rinat Akhmetov’s METINVEST Group has supported Ukraine’s Armed Forces and Ter-ritorial Defence units from the first days of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Recently, METINVEST Group donated more than 60 drones and 50 sets of night-vision goggles and helmets for a total of UAH 10 mln in value to the Ukrainian ground forces, as well as 1,000 sets of special-purpose gear to the Defence Intelligence of the Ukraini-an Ministry of Defence. The cost of the provided equipment amounted to $ 2.5 million. The company is also sup-plying more than 100,000 bulletproof vests for the Ukrainian military. This quantity covers a significant portion of the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including conscripted employees of Metinvest.

In order to help the military and to protect the cities, the Company’s enterprises have manufactured from Metin-vest steel and donated about 50 ths of iron obstacles and 20 ths of studded chains against wheel vehicles.