Guided by the principles of professional development and youth support Zaporizhstal has developed a motivation program for young employees under the age of 25 according to the results of the first year work at the Works. Young specialists who worked their first year at the Works received a one-time bonus in the equivalent of 400 US dollars.

“Annually Zaporizhstal becomes a launching platform to the profession for 200 young professionals. We help them not only get their first experience, but also create opportunities for growth and development of their own potential at Metinvest”, said Aleksandr Mironenko, the CEO of Zaporizhstal Steel Works.

Zaporizhstal as a part of Metinvest is implementing a comprehensive youth career guidance program, providing support for potential employees from choosing a specialized profession in an educational institution to fully adapt as young workers in the workplace. There is a Memorandum of Cooperation with the National University Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic and ZNU, according to which Metinvest pays scholarships to the best students of relevant specialties, together with educational institutions it implements the practice of dual education system, etc.

The Works has a number of motivational programs for young people, such as professional skill contest, the Young Leaders program, scientific and technical forums, proposal submission system, and other projects aimed to develop their own potential. In addition, young metallurgists can approve themselves in the public life of the Works by taking part in cultural events.