15, September builders and technologists have to execute all main piece of work connected with start of bulk coal plant. This challenge was set by General Director “Zaporizhstal” JSC Rostislav Shurma on recent conference concerning final completion.

PCI installation in blast furnaces began to operate more than year ago. The whole time in the absence of bulk plant, railcars with coal arrive and detrain in blast furnace department hopper, that leads to very big complexities in blast furnaceman work. Coal bulk plant will solve this problem. BCP- it’s a conveyor system , which intake and transport the coal of different brands from the railcar freight terminal to averaging and shipping in hoppers for shipping to blast furnace department on PCI installation.

The total length of bulk plant conveyor is about 7 kilometers. The longest is “strained” up to 440 kilometers- almost through the whole storage area. The maximum coal feed rate by car dumper is 1200 ton per hour or 100 railcars per day. All transportation freight will be on band conveyors, there are 9 of them and 6 in the car dumper complex. All of them are already arranged and waiting for testing.

Electric power supply of the warehouse will provide 2 powerful electrical substations, which are also already arranged. Also the mechanisms are arranged, which are designed to laying-up, averaging, coal overload. The most time-consuming in the whole building process become the car dumper, which was installed on the vigorous fundament footstall. It will set the pace in work of the whole coal preparation technology in order to the coal in the blast furnace department became full-energy pulverized coal fuel, which replace expensive natural gas during iron smelting.

The whole investment volume in realization of a project is about 5 billion UAH. The general Director of “Zaporizhstal” JSC mentioned prior objects on technical re-equipping of the plant for the moment: the building of bulk plant of coal, sinter machineNo1 and blast furnace No.4 overhaul.