The construction of new units is in full speed. The erection of new scales for weighing ladles with hot metal in the blast furnace shop is coming to an end. The life of the old ones has expired a long time ago. They have been in operation for many years and they have over lived 2 capital repairs.

As the deputy head of the technological weighing measuring system shop, Sergey Zykin, stated the scales were ordered at the Kiev firm “DKL”, the ‘filling’ has been manufactured by the American company “Rice Lake”, which is one of the leaders in production and developing of industrial scales and controllers. During operation on the old equipment the accurate result depended greatly on the ‘human factor”: the scales operator moved the scale weight on the scale-plate, the data from the journal was registered in the data base, etc.

The computer will accomplish this job without any mistake, without any reference to poor eye sight and tiredness. Any load up to 200 tons will be weighed with maximum accuracy. In the conditions of resource economy this is quite a significant fact.

The labour conditions of the servicing staff will change too. In the new premises there will be a room for taking meals, a toilet and a shower cabinet.