The Zaporizhstal Steel Works introduced streaming data input and electronic archive


The financial management of the Works has introduced a streaming data input system for the intellectual processing of incoming documentation. The project was implemented based on the Zaporizhstal information system along with the ABBYY FlexiCapture software product.

Automatic streaming data input allows you to digitize text and graphic information with high performance. Now, the program identifies the set of documents scanned by the employee, compares the extracted document metadata with the information system, and transfers it for the final transaction. The whole cycle of operations for processing documents and transferring them to a secure electronic archive takes place on a single platform, which reduces probability of losing documents and errors when entering data.

Thanks to the new solution, the company’s employees can easily find any document in the electronic archive by key attributes and quickly collect data on all operations of interest. The program also provides for serial printing and transmission of a package of documents by e-mail. The system processes more than 30 thousand pages of documentation per month, freeing highly qualified specialists from the routine to be involved in more intelligent and less resource-intensive processes.

In the future, this solution is scaled to other business processes of the Works. The project is presented to colleagues in the industry for further consideration for implementation.