November 15, 2013 in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the JSC “Zaporizhstal” was held jubilee smelting of steel in open-hearth plant with the participation of Chief Executive Officer of “Zaporizhstal” JSC Rostyslav Shurma, representatives of regional and municipal authorities, factory workers and veterans of the open-hearth shop.

Before the anniversary of the fuse, in the solemn meeting, the General Director of “Zaporizhstal” Works congratulated the veterans of the open-hearth plant with the anniversary: “Today we are present at the historic event. This event is the celebration of our achievements and at the same time a tribute to the work of our veterans who dedicated his life to the mill. Today’s 15th anniversary will be the last anniversary smelting in open-hearth shop. Then we have the plans – the modernization and introduction of new technologies, namely the construction of the oxygen-converter shop. Today, open-hearth furnace smelted the order of 238 million tons of steel, and the transition to converter production, this figure has already reached about 250 million tons. ”

Steelmaking open-hearth production acts on JSC “Zaporizhstal” in 1935, its capacity can produce about 4 million tons of steel per year. The shop run by representatives of more than 20 labor dynasties.

In the open-hearth shop implemented projects aimed at increasing production efficiency. For example, reduced supplies of metal stock indices with 1183 kg/tonne in July 2012 to 1104 kg/t in September 2013. The combine was able to achieve significant energy efficiency open-hearth production by reducing the consumption of natural gas in the open-hearth shop at 36% (with 43 cu. M/tonne in 2012 to 27 cu. M/tonne in September 2013), by the introduction of the fuel-free blowing technology.

In the open-hearth shop 8 open-hearth furnaces and 1 double-bath steelmaking unit. During the production process in the open-hearth plant Steel is poured into molds, which are formed ingots weighing up to 16 tonnes, which are then used to produce coils and sheet products. Production of open-hearth furnace is about 4 million tons of steel/year.