“Zaporizhstal” Installed Remote Thermal Scanners at the Entrances to the Enterprise


“Zaporizhstal” is taking unprecedented measures to control COVID-19 and protect employees from the risk of coronavirus infection. The enterprise has installed automatic thermal screening systems – 12 terminals (manufactured by Hikvision), in order to fix suspected carriers of the virus at the entrance to the Steel Works. Investments in the acquisition of a complex of equipment amounted to about UAH 465 000.


“It is vital at any time, especially during a pandemic, to create the safest possible conditions for employees and numerous contractors working on the territory of “Zaporizhstal”. The Steel Works has already invested more than UAH 23 million in quarantine measures, and we will not decrease our attention to this issue,” stressed Aleksandr Mironenko, General Director of “Zaporizhstal”.

A comprehensive thermal screening system based on Hikvision technical solutions allows for quick non-contact high-precision measurements of body temperature even with an intense flow of workers at the checkpoints of the plant, avoiding crowds at the entrance. In addition, new equipment is integrated into the access control and management system. For example, the complex blocks access to the enterprise for people with a high body temperature or violating the mask regime, even if they have a gate pass to the Steel Works.

From the first days of the pandemic, an operational headquarters for controlling COVID-19 began to work at “Zaporizhstal”. Among the measures to reduce the risk of infection are the provision of Steel Works employees with protective equipment, multilevel temperature screening, disinfection of workplaces and corporate transport, expansion of the network of corporate transport routes.

In addition, in case of infection of employees with COVID-19, “Zaporizhstal” provides everything necessary for effective treatment, as well as compensates them for the costs of diagnostics and treatment from COVID-19 under the existing corporate voluntary health insurance programs.