PJSC “Zaporizhstal” Has Fulfilled All the Social Guarantees of the Solidarity Contract in 2017


The implementation of all 122 events, enshrined in the main social document “Zaporizhstal”, was confirmed by the delegates of the conference of the enterprise’s labor collective.  The total amount of the company’s expenses for fulfilling the guaranteed social obligations amounted to more than 400 million UAH.

CEO of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal”, Rostislav Shurma, the Chairman of the Enterprise Trade Union Committee Leonid Anisimov, the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine Sergey Komyshev , the Deputy Chairman of the Zaporozhye Regional Committee of the MSPP Yuri Shapchits and the delegates of the structural divisions took part in the conference.

“The results of the Solidarity Contract fulfillment is a derivative of the entire “Zaporizhstal” workers collective achievements.  In all directions, we have achieved worthy results – in production, environmental modernization, labor safety, quality, maintenance and equipment repair.  As a result, in 2017 we increased the salaries by an average of 25%.  Today our task is to keep the set high tempo,” – noted CEO of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal” Rostislav Shurma.

The participants of the conference noted the fulfillment of all the main directions of the Solidarity Contract – labor safety, health improvement of workers and their families, the youth policy of the enterprise, support of veterans of the steel works, as well as socially unprotected categories of workers,

Particular attention is paid to the enterprise’s youth policy: measures are taken to adapt, professional growth and development of scientific and technical potential of young workers.  Within the framework of social support, in 2017 more than 200 young employees of the enterprise received interest-free loans totaling 1.5 million UAH.

In 2017 for the provision of qualified medical care and insurance for employees and veterans of the enterprise in 2017, the steel works sent more than 26 million UAH.

In 2017 around 3500 employees and their families, as well as more than 1000 children of the employees, took an opportunity to enjoy the beneficial health improvement.  For these purposes, the steel works sent 18 million UAH.

Moreover, the enterprise sent about 3 million UAH for the rehabilitation of “Zaporizhstal” veterans.  The company pays veterans additional pensions and provides material assistance.  In 2017, the total costs for these purposes exceeded 4 million UAH.