In kindergarten No. 121 “Cosmos” an inclusive playground appeared

“We are different, but we are equal”: in kindergarten No. 121, they organized an extracurricular holiday for children. In such a way, they celebrated the presentation of the project, which received the support of the competition “We Are the City” – an inclusive playground.

Equal opportunities for every child. In kindergarten No. 121 “Cosmos” with the support of the competition “We Are the City” an inclusive playground has appeared. All children without exception will be able to have fun at the new gaming complex, including those with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. You can call in wheelchairs, bicycles, prams on the construction.

In “Cosmos” 140 children are educated: 4 groups of general development, 4 – special, for children with developmental disabilities. On the basis of the kindergarten, there is also an advisory center for children who do not attend preschool institutions, among whom there are children with special educational needs.

Olga Udachina, director of pre-school institution No. 121:

“Thanks to the victory in the competition “We Are the City”, we acquired a game complex, a rocking horse and two benches. Children of general development and children with developmental disabilities will be able to be attracted to children’s society, that is, to communicate with peers, in game and entertainment activities, which will contribute to the call sign of emotional state, physical development, and psychological comfort”.